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Orca Models

Red Demon

Red Demon

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Red Demon

In the box:

- Collectible card

- Orca Models sticker


Sculpture: Doses3d

Box art: Andrés Bullón (Vasdeminiatures)

Master 3d: Dragon Miniatures

Casting: Dragon Miniatures

Number of pieces: 1

Scale: 1:12

Total height: 55mm

Model produced in high quality resin. Sold unpainted and unassembled. It's not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years old.


Red Demon


- Tarjeta coleccionable

- Sticker Orca Models


Escultura: Doses3d

Box art: Andrés Bullón (Vasdeminiatures)

Master 3d: Dragon Miniatures

Casteo: Dragon Miniatures

Numero de piezas: 1

Altura total: 55mm

Escala: 1:12

Modelo producido en resina de alta calidad. Se vende sin pintar. No es un juguete. No apto para menores de 14 años.

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